11 Days, 11 perfect outfits for Ganpati Celebration

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Ganesh Chaturti is a 10 day Hindu festival, celebrated by all the Indian’s. Specially in Mumbai it has been celebrated with enthusiasm. The festival commemorates Lord Ganesha over a period of 1 and a half, five, seven or 10 days where people keep his idol in their houses before the final Visarjan. People wear new clothes and dress up their best in a plea to make the festival more beautiful and please the lord.

Now talking about festivals, so Ganesh Utsav is also a festival of joy and clothing. 11 day 11 outfit are must to enjoy. Hence lets us see the type of dresses one could wear for 11 days.

Day 1

Welcoming Ganesh Ji with honor, love, and enthusiasm. Hence One could wear a traditional silk saree for welcoming.

Day 2

Presenting the lord with Modak and worshiping him with love. However One can dress a traditional gown. Gown with gajra will make women look amazing.

Day 3

Knowing the Vinayak how much we want their Blessings. Make the day special in Plazzo dress.

Day 4

Making it simple, while traditional, hence introducing this kurta and skirt thing.

Day 5

Hit the Pandals in style with this contemporary saree in cotton and new. However, the bright red color will surely make you stand out!

Day 6

Panjabi Kudi is the best kudi, hence Bappa being a mastikhor will give us blessings.

Day 7

Make heads turn in this eye catching lehenga choli set in navy blue. Hence this look will be eye-catching.

Day 8

Keep it real. You have so many preparations to make for the Visarjan. Hence this breezy  straight suit will definitely help!

Day 9

However, proper Bandhani Saree looks beautiful, specially on Ganpati ocassion.

Day 10

Multicolored, lehriya saree is an Monsoon wear saree, Saying goodbye to Ganesh Ji with this outfit.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

You all may love this 11 day 11 outfit.


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