3 IDIOTS Movie Review

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3 IDIOTS Movie Review :

3 IDIOTS (Release Date-25th December 2009)

                                            (Director-Rajkumar Hirani)

This movie was focused on the life of engineering students, the way they spend the four years of their life with fun, focused study, and also sometimes being depressed. 3 Idiots taught us that whatever your problem in life is just saying, “Aal izz well” this may not solve your problems but it will give them the courage to face it and make your mind stress free.

It taught me that making your heart believe that everything is going to be fine with time. As per based on the education system in India, people are mostly more concerned about the marks scored by the student in their report cards forgetting about the learning they get from it.

This movie gave us some golden rules which if followed make our life happy like it is said “Chase excellence and success will follow”. It means the search for learning you get from studying any subject and surely you will score good and get success in life. Having good knowledge makes the person smart rather than just mugging up answers for exams.

It was also said that “Life is not about getting marks, grades but chasing your dreams.” Studying a day before exams and getting marks is not successful it will help you gain marks but knowing your goal and chasing for it slowly and steady, so that you become a person you have dreamed to help in the future. This movie also showed that just like our family our friends also play a very important role in our life, getting a friend who stays with you in all your good and bad times and who understand you more than you yourself just like in this movie the way Amir Khan helped his friends to do what their heart says and follow their passion.

Sometimes stress and not getting good result kills us from inside but we should never think of suicide in fact do what your heart says keeping a balance between your heart and mind is also a big task sometimes due to stress and loneliness we do what our mind tells us which sometimes gives us negative thoughts. At this time parents and friends are the one’s helping us go on right track.

Parents are happy if we are happy. Nothing gives them more satisfaction than that. Forget about what neighbors/relatives will think. According to the circle of life, there is a very small closet of people that should matter in your life. Recognize them, make sure you never hurt them. Rest will be knocking at the door of your cycle, some enter some move out while some never even enter. Very few stay there forever. The movie in the end showed us that no matter which position you get in your life never be proud of it we should always be down to earth. This is our full 3 IDIOTS Movie Review, Hope you like it.

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