5 Tech Career Without Coding

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These Are The 5 Tech Career You Can Pursue Which Requires Zero Coding Knowledge.

User Interface UI / User Experience Designer UX

UI/ UX designs are how a website, app, software looks visually, Skills required will be PhotoShop and other editing skills.

Software Quality Tester

In software quality tester you’ve to conduct some tests on software to check whether the software created by the developer is fit for the purpose or not. Does it have some bugs?

Skills Required Good Thinking & Analytical Skills.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

The Work Of Search Engine Optimization Specialist is to make their clients website rank on Google Search or any other search engine.

Data Analyst

A data analyst is the one who accumulates data from various sources, interprets pattern and use it for business development.

Growth Hacker

Work of a growth hacker is to check market trends, create short programs to test their product. Their main moto is to build strategies and develop their clients business.

Few also includes tech support specialists, Enterprise software sales.

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