5 Tech Myth Busters part 1

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5 Tech Myth Busters part 1 by Utkrisht Sharma TCET

We all are living our lives under the myriad myths of tech
knowledge We have been knowing these things from some source
or the other but we haven’t actually researched about it. Here are
some myths that we encounter in our day to day lives:

Myth #1: Incognito Mode

Most of the users think that if they turn on the incognito mode in Chrome or any other browser and browse anything on the internet then they are disguised from the rest of the world or no one can interact with them. But this is a myth, the actual scenario is that they just restrict the browser to
save the search history and import bookmarks. Other than this, all the websites out there or any other thing are the same as before.

Myth #2: Overcharging is Bad

We all have heard that if we charge our smartphones overnight then it will affect our phone life or will damage our charger or at most, our phone could blast too!! This isn’t true, you will not see any phone or any user guide that you must not overcharge the phone. Yes it can affect the battery cycle but in fact all the smartphones come with overcharging protection. As soon as the battery gets fully charged the power cuts and no current is passed into your device. So it is a myth that overcharging is bad.

Myth #3: Network strength-More Bars are Better

We all think that if we compare 2 smartphones side by side and if we see that one phone has network strength of 4 bars and another just two, then the phone with more bars will have better calling with better sound quality. This isn’t true. The signal bar is only the indication that how much signal the device is getting from the signal tower. Also, every mobile manufacturer has defined different levels of network strength for different bars. So it is wrong to compare 2 devices side by side. For comparing you can go in settings and check the “signal dBm” and then compare the devices.

Myth #4: USB device-Always Safely Remove

We all think that while removing a USB drive from the computer that if we don’t remove it safely after ejecting, then the data will be erased or corrupted. Yes, it can happen if you are using the device actively and then at once you remove it, but this doesn’t mean that while you aren’t working with the device and you remove it, it will get corrupted. So the only thing to keep in mind is that the device isn’t been actively used.

Myth #5: Always Press F5(Refresh)

Almost 90% of users start pressing F5 or start refreshing their systems as soon as they turn on the system. We think that we are refreshing and making our system faster. But it is a myth. When we refresh a particular page it just refreshes and reloads all the icons present on the page and
searches whether something new is added to it. We can refresh a page to see the new contents on it or to reload a page again. It doesn’t actually have any other significance.

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