5 Tech Myth Busters part 2

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5 Tech Myth Busters part 2 by Utkrisht Sharma TCET

We all are living our lives under the myriad myths of tech
knowledge We have been knowing these things from some source
or the other but we haven’t actually researched about it. Here are
some myths that we encounter in our day to day lives:

Myth #6: Google, Facebook, etc. are free

We all think that all the services provided by Google are free but actually, it isn’t free. They earn from us. They track our each and every data and sell it to show related ads or any other content pertinent to it. If we click on it then they earn from it. As simple as that, it is like tracking all our information, knowing us and then earning from us.

Myth #7: Bigger file = Better quality

We all have in mind a parameter that while downloading a movie if the file size is bigger then it will have better picture quality, sound quality, etc. This isn’t true, sometimes a file with lower size can prove to be a lot better. This is because they have better optimization and better devices used for video and audio quality. It also depends upon encoding and source files. It can
happen in some cases that bigger is better but not always.

Myth #8: More Ram = Better performance

Users around the world think that more the number of RAMs their devices will have, faster the device will be. The first criteria that the user analyzes while purchasing a smartphone or smart device is that it should have good RAM. It is true for a certain point, for eg. “if we have loads of work and we have a small table then obviously the work will go very slowly and we have to purchase a bigger table, but if the work itself is less compared to the table then what is the use of getting a larger table”. Similarly, if we have a device which has 4 GB ram and if that is enough for our work then there is no need of purchasing a device with 8 GB ram.

Myth #9: Target for Hackers

Most of us question what would a hacker gain after hacking their systems. But this isn’t the actual scenario. The hackers around the world are basically searching for victims. They just enter your system to track all your data, retrieve everything and then just sell it to anyone else around the world that can use it. Targeting a specific person is different but hacking in large numbers is common among hackers. So whether you have any private data or not you must secure your system at its best.

Myth #10: More mAh= More Battery Backup

Battery capacity is a different topic but not battery backup. We have a myth that 5000 mAh battery will perform better than a phone with 4000 mAh. It can be proved wrong because it mainly depends on the battery’s backup. The OS that phone uses, the firmware, the applications, the chipset are all the other factors which decide the battery’s backup. So a phone with comparatively less battery can prove good too.

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