7 Passive Income Ideas

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7 Passive Income Ideas, Hope this article will help you to make money.

  • Rent Out A Room: If you are a bachelor you can live on a share basis. initial investment 0 if you have your own house.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Firms like Amazon and Flipkart pay you commission around 10% of the actual product price. If someone buys from the link provided by you, Just you need to sign up with their affiliation program.
    Initial Investment 0
  • Start a YouTube Channel: You’ll be needing 1k subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to monetize your channel. If you are consistent on YouTube, you can earn a decent amount.
    Initial Investment 0
  • Publish an app: You can easily make an app or ask someone to make it on freelancing sites it will cost you around 1000-2000 bucks. After that you’ll need to publish it on playstore which will cost you $25 you can earn a good amount from it.
    Initial Investment: 3k-4k
  • Sell products on eBay: There are many bidders and buyers on eBay, you can earn a good amount.
    Initial Investment 0
  • Selling T-shirts: Check out the latest trends, topics on social media and print t-shirts and sell online. #binod
    Initial Investment INR 500-1000
  • Start a Website: Make a Website using WordPress write daily blogs, monetize your website make money out of it.
    Initial Investment buying a domain and hosting can cost you around Rs. 500 – Rs. 1000

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