“7 Step Online Job Interview Preparation Checklist”

With the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown across the world, recruiters are switching more and more to online methods for screening and interviewing prospective employees.

Online Job Interviews require a couple of preparations beforehand. An individual appearing for a job interview online needs to keep a couple of important points in mind to make the correct impression on the prospective employer.

Here are 7 tips that you should keep in mind when appearing for online interviews.

Analyze the job posting in advance: Reread and analyze the job description multiple times in advance to determine what the employer is looking for in a candidate. Then make a list of the skills, knowledge, professional, and personal qualities that are required by the employer and are most important for success in the job. Be ready to describe the attributes that makes you perfect for the job. The closer your qualifications match the job requirements, the better chance you’ll have of getting a second-round interview and a job offer.

Use a Laptop or Desktop: When appearing for an online interviewer, it is better to use a laptop or a computer system and not on a phone. Phone connections might drop easily.

Familiarize yourself with the technology: Even for people who use technology regularly, appearing for an online interview can be daunting, especially if the interviewer is using an interface that you have not used before. You can watch video tutorials to understand how any meeting software works. Get well versed with the latest trends and technologies so that it creates a positive impact.

Background and lighting: Choose a neutral background where you will sit for the interview. Make sure it’s neat. Also, check the lighting of the area. Arrange lighting accordingly to keep a clear view of your face on camera. Confidence is the key!

Dress up: Dress appropriately as you would for a face-to-face interview. Your appearance should be neat and try dressing up formally to create a professional impact. If required, apply some makeup to look presentable. Stay natural and confident!

Mock Interview: Practice appearing for the online interview. You can ask a friend to help you set up a mock online interview and practice. Get connected to some contacts who work for the company who can give you the inside track to getting the job. 

Prepare Answers: Go through some common questions asked in interviews and related to the job you are interviewing for. Write answers beforehand, make notes and points. Choose the best answers among the ones you have prepared.

Stay Confident!All the best folks!!!

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