Air Travel Is Safer – COVID-19

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Air Travel Is Safer – COVID-19

Air Travel Is Safer – COVID-19: The study by the Department of Defense U.S.A found that the risk of catching covid-19 on an aircraft is very low.
Studies show that using HEPA air filters, re-energizing the cabin every two minutes, and ensuring high and low airflow to protect all passengers can reduce the risk of coronavirus on-board transmission.

The purpose of this study was to obtain a COVID-19 Risk Analysis Plan for optimal flight power, to determine risk under various seat adjustments, to formulate boarding and evacuation plans, and to determine what contact tracking strategies are needed in the context. The passenger test will be accepted as soon as it arrives. The aerosol test was the largest ever conducted and included eight days of aerospace and ground testing on Boeing 777-200 and 767-300 aircraft.

Studies show that the risk of aerosol exposure is low even in long-haul aircraft. This is most likely when the person is sitting at the patient’s reference line. In addition, the front and back lines of the reference patient are at risk for aerosols on average. To conduct this study, aerosols mimicking an infected passenger were removed from multiple rows and seats, with the intention of exposing the lungs to the risk of nearby seats. In all, there were more than 300 aerosol emissions. For the purpose of this study, the researchers considered surgical masks, which can be distributed if other types of masks are not available or if a passenger does not bring the mask. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), worldwide, in 44 cases of COVID-19, it is believed that transfers took place on one plane, during which time 1.2 billion passengers left.

In addition, masked passengers add an extra protective layer along with air conditioning systems, HEPA filters, low airflow, and a high level of air exchange.

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