Amazon’s Record Break Earning This Festive Season 2020

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Festive Season 2020: Amazon has made great earning’s this year in its great Indian Festival Season. This year during its Indian Festival sale almost more than 1.1 lakh sellers have received the order. During this festive season sale, almost more than Rs600 crore product is being bought through No cost EMI. Looking towards the condition of this e-commerce app, more than thought income is being generated. Amazon had provided great offers for its customers. On the first day of sale where the iPhone 11 was sold with a great offer. It’s being the biggest opening for Amazon.

This year the sale of iPhone 11 is too much as compared to all the iPhone sold last year. This year most of the smartphones were being sold, people have used the No cost EMI in a great manner.

This year almost 91% of the small-town area people have bought through e-commerce platforms. The company states that 66% of the new prime users have bought through this platform.

During this festive season sale, smartphones like One plus, Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi had made great income during this year. The company states that since 16th October this year the new prime users have bought more than 1 lakh of the amazon eco device. However, according to comparison from last year, this year more than 2 and half of the sale is being increased.

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