Anti-cow slaughter bill passed

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Anti-cow slaughter bill passed

Anti-cow slaughter bill passed- The Karnataka Council passed the Opposition Cattle Slaughter Bill without opposition. With the introduction of this bill, Karnataka is poised to emulate Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh which have similar laws to prevent cattle slaughter.

The bill calls for a complete ban on cattle slaughter in the state and imposes harsher fines on those arrested for smuggling, smuggling, cruelty to cattle, and slaughter. Other important provisions of the bill include the establishment of special courts for immediate prosecution, the establishment of goshala or cattle ranches, and the empowerment of local police by conducting random inspections. Illegal sale, transportation, or cleaning of livestock (already completed) is punishable. If a cow becomes infected with a disease that spreads to other livestock, it can be killed/slaughtered. A police officer in the rank of Junior Inspector may if he or she has reason to believe that an offense has been committed under this Act, inspect any premises and search for them.

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‘Beef’ is defined as beef in any form, while the term ‘cattle’ is defined as beef, calf and bull, bull, and buffalo under 13 years of age. Abusers could face up to three to seven years in prison. In the first case, fines of between Rs 50,000 and Rs 5 lakh were imposed, which increased to Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

Karnataka already has an anti-cattle bill – the Karnataka Cow Slaughter and Livestock Protection Act, 1964. Its provisions are limited to slaughtering cattle, calves, and buffaloes. The law allowed bulls, oxen, and buffaloes to be slaughtered until they were more than twelve years of age or ready to breed or milk. A certification document authorized by law is also required. The maximum arrest for violating the provisions of the 1964 Act is six months and a fine of Rs.1,000.

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