Arrest Munmun Dutta aka Babita from TMKOC is trending on Twitter after a video of her using a casteist slur goes viral. Clearly, the “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” fame Babita has been one of the most loved actress. Moreover, Munmun Dutta is currently facing severe public backlash after using an inappropriate casteist term in one of her videos.

Furthermore, in the viral video, Munmun said “Bhangi nahi dikhna hai”, which made the netizens angry. Moreover, Munmun is discussing her makeup look in the video. She is using the word to describe how she does not want to appear in front of the camera. People quickly pointed out that the term is not only offensive to members of the Scheduled Caste community, but it is also a punishable offense as per a ruling by the Supreme Court of India.


#ArrestMunmunDutta quickly became trending on Twitter, and netizens are demanding Munmun Dutta’s arrest. Even though the original video has been removed, the meme recordings of the video are surfing on the internet.

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Nevertheless, after her video went viral, Munmun Dutta accepted her mistake and issued an apology on Twitter. She explained that it was simply a result of her language barrier, and that she had no intention of insulting anyone.

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“It was never said with the intent of insult, intimidate, humiliate or hurt anyone’s feelings. Because of my language barrier, I was genuinely misinformed about the meaning of the word. Once I was made aware of its meaning, I immediately took the part down. I have the utmost respect for every single person from every caste, creed or gender and acknowledge their immense contribution to our society or nation. I sincerely would like to apologize to every single person who has been unintentionally hurt by the usage of the word”, Munmun tweeted.


ARREST MUNMUN DUTTA Trends on Twitter. Reacting to the video, netizens have taken over the internet. A user wrote, “She is so Deeply Loving Animals that have forgotten to Love Human beings. This is their Savarna Activism! She must be arrested under SC/ST Prevention Act”. Another user wrote, “What will you do by looking good, while your mindset is very poor! People like you address a very large population of this country by their caste and despise them. #ArrestMunmunDutta”.

While many appear to be angry, some appear to support the TMKOC actress Babita aka Munmun Dutta. Some meme pages are taking full advantage of this situation and creating memes on the actress.

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