Audio Transmission System Using Laser Technology

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Audio Transmission System Using Laser Technology: Today we are going to talk about our final year project, Multimedia Audio Transfer System Using Laser. As we know laser technology is widely being used in the transmission of sound. There are many applications to be found on wireless transmission of sound using laser technology. I personally have gone through many such videos on youtube. Do check below.

Why this project ?

Today, lasers have become one of the world’s most important technologies, used in industries ranging from information technology to telecommunications, medicine, consumer electronics, law enforcement, military equipment, entertainment and manufacturing.

Being Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, we do have good knowledge about communication. However, we were on the thought of implementing such a project that will utilize our knowledge and bring up good results. Hence good Communication requires less sound loss, good transmission medium, and good speed for transmission of audio. However, after some research, we found that laser communication technology allows fast communication service between two or more devices. Hence It can provide a speed of more than 1GBps, hence it overtakes the LAN or wireless LAN comprehensively.


This project is into two distinct sections: Audio transmission and reception via hardware. The transmission media is un-guided. However, the main objective of this project will be primarily to realize a transmission-reception system to transfer sound via Laser without a guiding medium, using Intensity Modulation with very little quality loss ( up to 99.99% ). After some research, we found that laser technology is somewhat similar to fiber technology. Hence there is just a change in medium from fiber to free space.

Space Communication

Working of this system

Let’s see how this project is going to work after successful implementation. However, let’s see the components we will be using for this project

S.NComponents NameDescriptionQuantity
1ICIC LM 3862
2 Receiver/Transmitter Solar Panel / Laser1
3I/p / O/pAudio Jack / Speaker1
4Power / SwitchBattery (9V) / (on/off switch)2
5Resistors10,10k,220,100,56 (ohms)8
6Capacitors0.047,10,100,220 (micro F)9

Hence, let me tell you about what these components will work as. A capacitor and resistor will be used at the output of LM386 IC which forms a filter circuit. These prevent high-frequency signals from coming from the amplifier. Most probably noise picked up or generated in the amplifying process of LM386 IC. We will be using Power or switch to start the transmission process. From the Input, the signal will be passed through a capacitor that passes only audio and blocks any direct current (DC). We will use a potentiometer as a volume control for the audio signal.

Project’s Future Scope

The goal of communications technologies is to convey information quickly, completely, and accurately. The fields in which our product or this technology can be used are :

  • It is more secure and provides high bandwidth requirements. Hence it can be used in Military communication & hotlines.
  • It can be the most used technique worldwide in the near future.
  • Laser technology can also be used to avoid train & plane collisions and also for communication between Driverless Cars.

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