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Baba Ka Dhaba. A story of an old couple who owns a small Dhabain Delhi.
Since 32 years the old couple are running Baba Ka Dhaba. Since 1988.

Due to lockdown, they were not able to sell their food, as people are staying inside their homes and avoids eating outside food, to control the spread of COVID’19.

Mr. Kanta Prasad and Mrs. Badami Devi run the stall in South Delhi Malviya Nagar opposite to Hanuman Temple.

The old couple teary video went viral on twitter. The video was shot by Blogger Gaurav Vasan.

Baba Ka Dhaba

For Breakfast, they’ve Tea, Parathas, and for lunch they’ve Roti (Tortilla), Chawal (Rice), Dal, Aloo Soyabean (Potato Soyabean), Matar Paneer, Mirchi ka achar (chilly pickle).

All items price ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.70

After their video went viral on Twitter, a lot of netizens came in support of them. Actors, Actresses, Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers came for support.

After the video went viral, A long queue of customers came in front of their Dhaba.

Long Queue at Baba Ka Dhaba

Harsh Beniwal Tweeted: Just look at this smile :’) Priceless. Did my part , Ap bhi jaye or kuch khake aaye. Thank you @youtubeswadofficial For making that video. God bless you bhai. Address : Shivalik B Block , Malviya Nagar Opposite Hanuman mandir.

Google Pay Baba Ka Dhaba

Now you can see a cute smile on our Baba and Dadi’s Face.

You Can Support Baba by donating a few amounts.

Thank you so much to each and everyone who was part of this mission.

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