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How we can say which is the best blogging platform. Which factor we consider to find out the best from many available platform.

So, here we consider following things

1. Pricing:  price is most important factor that has always eye of the user of blogger platform.  User always see,  the cost first before using that platform.  So,  ur should be free with basic features and having less cost for premium features.

2. user friendly: The platform should be easy to use for the user. It should be easy to accessible…  So, that user don’t have face any problem.

3. Features: It should be provide high level features.  So that used should able to enjoy the real and all feature.

4. Adminstration: It also also important factor in terms for user satisfaction. It defines how much user are in control.

Some of the best blogging platform are,

1. Medium: Best known for it simplicity.  And also if any changes happened it gets automatically saved in there background.

2. Wixer: it is very simple and easy to use. So,  it is best for beginners. It focuses more based on SEO frieny.

3. WordPress: It is most popular platform between blogger. It may take some time to learn it but no one can ignore most important factor that it provide the 100% ownership to the blogger. Which can be very helpful for long run of any blog. It provide all the basic and premium features free. It only cost for domain name.

4. Tumblr: It focuses more oh images,  videos, link, jokes,etc. So it is more popular in social media with end user.

5. Blogger: It is the oldest blog platform provided by the Google. It is easy to use and provide free of cost and it provide domain name or free.

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