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Below you’ll find a list of top 10 Best Engineering Project Ideas which you can submit in your college

Title 1: Carbon Nanodots: Novel Long-term Live Cell Tracker And In Situ Free Radical Scavenging Agent.
Cell Tracking Is A Technology Of Interest Since Past Two Decades For Biological Scientists. The Biological Study Of Molecular Pathways, Cellular Differentiation, Cancer Biology, Disease Prognosis, Developmental Biology And Many Other Diverse Areas Involve Cell Tracking. Fluorescence Microscopy Based Live Cell Bio Imaging Has Been Observed To Be One Of The Major Step Regarding Cell-tracking Studies.
Title 2: Internet Of Things Based Waste Management System

Internet Of Things(IOT) Based Waste Managemet System For Smart Cities Objective To Implement The Iot Based Waste Management System For Regular Monitoring Of Waste To Avoid Unhygienic Condition In Smart Cities. Details The Proposed System Describes That We Made A Normal Dust Bin As A Smart Bin Installing Sensors Like Ultrasonic Sensor (to Sense The Level Of The Waste), Methane Sensor.

Title 3:  Upgrading 3G Mobile for LTE/4G network
Three lines of description of  project idea : Upgrading 3G Mobile for LTE/4G network- There are many user with 3G handset who are using mobile services mainly for voice communications. For example senior citizens, school students/kids (phone given by parents to be in touch in case of emergency or to just convey the status in reaching or leaving school) helpers (maid/servants).
Title 4: Network connectivity in remote areas

Network connectivity in remote areas – The women beneficiaries (i.e. women micro-entrepreneurs) are not able to access various online services offered by banks, opening of account is delayed, access to email and information of various Government policies / incentives is limited. Solution should also work with 2G mobile network.

Title 5: Designing devices, which would help in easing communication channels between various communication devices and points.

A truly digital public transportation system for buses, trains and feeder services Explain the general problem statement in simple terms.  As the population in city grows multifold year on year the commuting times continue to grow. Whether you commute by train (metro/non-metro), bus, smart bike or on feeder services there is no one stop shop for planning your trip using public transport facilities.

Title 6:  Identification of Geo location using Smartphone in absence of internet and mobile network.

The smart phone will store geo location in remote areas where no access to internet and mobile network is available and the location data with attributes will synced to the server through SMS gateway or internet on availability of the same.

Title 7: Microwave Coplanar Sensor System For Detecting Contamination In Food Products
This Is A Novel Microwave Coplanar Sensor System For Detecting Contamination In Food Products Such As Milk And Oil Etc. It Is A Fully Non-invasive And Non-destructive System, Which Uses Radio Frequency To Measure The Scattering Coefficients Of The Test Fluid Over A Designated Frequency Band. The Values Obtained Are Compared With Those Of The Standard Samples In Order To Find The Level Of Contamination
Title 8:   Solar To Microwave To Electricity Conversion
The Basic Component Of This System Is Convex Lens Which Converge The Light On A Single Optical Fiber. This Optical Fiber Will Conduct Light Waves Through It And Will Feed Its Output To The Mixer. Here The Mixer To Be Used Is Not What We Use Generally At The Radio Frequency Range. The Main Difference Between The Conventional Radio Frequency Mixers And The One Used In This System  
Title 9:  A Novel System To Detect The Human Beings Buried Under Rubble Using Microwave Beam

Thousand Of Persons Killed As A Cause Of Earthquake”. The Above Words Aren’t The Headlines Of The Newspaper But Such News Come After The Disaster Destroyed The Field. The Death Toll In Moulivakkam, Chennai Due To Building Rubble Was Nearly 45. It Was Said If Survivors Has Been Found And Rescue Earlier The Numbers Of Victims Have Been Lower.

Title 10:  Microwave Antenna For Hyperthermia Application

The Focussing Ability Of Microwave Energy Has Aroused Considerable Research Interest In Its Bio-medical Applications For Many Years. Hyperthermia Is One Of The Therapeutic Modalities Considered For Cancer Treatment. During Hyperthermia Treatment, The Temperature Of The Tumor Is Raised In The Range 43-50oc For A Definite Period Resulting In The Destruction Of Cancerous Cells using an app – cross-platform and with an accuracy of up to 1 meter.

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