Best Engineering Project Ideas III

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Below you’ll find a list of top 10 Best Engineering Project Ideas which you can submit in your college.

Title 1:  Password Based Locking System For Vehicle

Password Based Locking System Is Necessary In Vehicle In Order To Protect Our Vehicle From Getting Stolen. This Security Can Be Obtained By Using Password Lock. We Cannot Start Vehicle Unless One Enters The Correct Password Similarly The Flow Of The Fuel Itself Will Not Start.

Title 2:  Rfid And Gsm Based Monitoring System.

An Improved Monitoring System Using Rfid And Gsm For Use In Educational Institutes, Automotive Industries, Commercial Organizations And Financial Transactions Is Disclosed Here. A Single Rfid Reader At The Entrance Of Any Organization Is Capable Of Granting Authentication To A Person Entering Inside, Which Is Far Cheaper Than The Biometric Or Any Voice-recording Systems Available In The Market.

Title 3:  Low Cost Heart Beat Rate Measurement

Echnological Innovations In The Field Of Disease Prevention And Maintenance Of Patient Health Have Enabled The Evolution Of Fields Such As Monitoring Systems. Heart Rate Is A Very Vital Health Parameter That Is Directly Related To The Soundness Of The Human Cardiovascular System. Heart Rate Which Is The Number Of Times The Heart Beats Per Minute Reflects Different Physiological Conditions.

Title 4:  Touch Enabled Automatic Bell System

The Project Is To Design Touch Enable Automatic Bell System. To Describe The Project In Nutshell We Could Say It To Be An Advanced Automatic Bell System For New Generation Education And Industrial Segment. It Is A Maintenance Free Punctual Bell System Used For Time Keeping. A Quite Sophisticated Programmable Methodology/approach Is Used To Make A System Compatible With Present Time Keeping.

Title 5: Network connectivity in Remote area

Three lines of description of  project idea :
Internet for everyone is such an interesting concept, isn’t it?  Everybody in the world can experience this phenomenon is truly a remarkable we find the best possible solution for that.

Title 6: Intelligent scanning system

One of our core competences is the extraction and interpretation of all relevant sorting and routing information for mail and parcels, including weight and dimensions.

Title 7: Identification of Geo location

Identification of geo location using smart phone in absence of mobile network and internet.

Title 8 : Smart Vehicle

Advance Accident detection and identification system using real time data provide the safety to passenger as well as manage the traffic to take the best suitable route.

Title 9 – Yoga & Meditation VR Meter

A virtual reality device can be made which features different modes of tratak like spot, candle, etc. This device will help in better concentration as it will provide a soothing environment. Yogasana can be performed well in this environment. VR software requirement: The VR Experience should be able to provide the virtual tour of the interiors of the yoga hall. The participant should be able to move around and do Yogasana. The VR Experience should be smooth.

Title 10:  Device to check the amount of steroids in milk and meat products.

Design a tool to insert the steroid and measure the amount of steroid added. This should inform the right amount of steroid that can be added depending on the weight of the animal/quantity of milk to ensure that wrong amount is not added.

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