Best Engineering Project Ideas IV

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Below you’ll find a list of top 10 Best Engineering Project Ideas which you can submit in your college.

Title 1: Wireless Mobile Battery Charger Circuit

This circuit mainly works on the principle of mutual inductance. This circuit may be used as wireless power transfer circuit, wireless mobile charger circuit, wireless battery charger circuit, etc.

Title 2: A Novel Vision Based Text Reading Technology For Visually Blind People

Recent Developments In Computer Vision, Digital Cameras, And Portable Computers Make It Feasible To Assist These Individuals By Developing Camera-based Products That Combine Computer Vision Technology With Other Existing Commercial Products Such Optical Character Recognition (ocr) Systems. Reading Is Obviously Essential In Today’s Society.

Title 3: Automatic Attendance System Using Face Recognition

The Use Of The Face Detection And Recognition System In Lieu Of The Traditional Methods Will Provide A Fast And Effective Method Of Capturing Student Attendance Accurately While Offering A Secure, Stable And Robust Storage Of The System Records. Time Will Be Considered The Evaluation Points Of The Performance.

Title 4: Aerial Surveillance Drone

A Quadcopter Is A Multirotor Helicopter That Is Lifted And Propelled By Four Rotors Fixed At The Four Arms. Quadcopter Uses Two Pairs Of Propeller That Are At Fix Pitch I.e Two Clockwise And Two Anti-clockwise So As To Cancel Out The Angular Momentum. Each Rotor Or A Motor Is At A Different Speed So As To Give The Proper Control To The Drone Or A Quadcopter.

Title 5: Iot Based Remote Patient Health Monitoring System

In Our Project We Are Going To Develop Such A System, With The Help Of Which Doctor Can Monitor Patients Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, The Sound Of His/her Heart Beats, Cough Related Problem, Live Streaming Of Voice And Video Of Patients. Form Other Side Doctor Can Suggest Appropriate Medicine For Cure And Can Interact With Patients With The Help Of IOT.

Title 6: IOT Based Monitoring System for Comatose Patients

Patients in a coma state need to have a continuous update of Blood pressure, temperature, humidity, and urine level. Doing this manually can become almost impossible to keep updates of multiple patients at the same time. In order to address this situation, the system comes to the rescue; this system will collect the information of patients with the help of sensors

Title 7: Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication

To propose a fingerprint based examination hall authentication system. The system is designed to pass only users verified by their fingerprint scan and block non verified users.

Title 8: Melanoma Cancer

Detection Based On Back Propagation Neural Network Using Texture Analysis Melanoma Is One Of The Dangerous Forms Of Skin Cancer. It Will Be Identified By Using Various Diagnosis Methods. This Paper Mainly Focuses On Feature Extraction And Classification. One Of The Main Objectives Of This Paper Is To Extract The Feature Using Texture Analysis.

Title 9: Real-Time Communication System For People With Severe Speech Impairment Using Neural Network

Speech Is The Main Communication Method Between Human Beings. Since The Time Of The Invention Of The Computer People Have Been Trying To Let The Computer Understand Natural Speech. Speech Recognition Is A Technology Which Has Close Connections With Computer Science, Signal Processing, Voice Linguistics And Intelligent Systems.

Title 10: Solution for initiating some kind of alarm to protect underground fiber while digging the road for construction

Solution for initiating some kind of alarm to protect underground fiber while digging the road for construction any other purpose. Frequent fiber cut is a serious problem being faced by Telecom industry, leading to poor up time of the Telecom Network and poor service to Citizen. Fiber cuts are primarily due to road construction activities. If at the starting time of digging of road, an alarm can be generated, it may avoid cutting of fiber.

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