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Below you’ll find a list of top 10 Best Engineering Project Ideas which you can submit in your college.

Title 1:  Product Quality Management Through Sentiment Analysis Of Data From Social Media Network

While A Product Is Launched , Customer Feedback Acquisition Is Done Through Feedback Forms Personal Interaction S Or Through Mobile Enquiries.this System Is Time Consuming And Restricts The Sample Size As Well. The Objective Of This Project Is To Obtain The Customer Views Of A Particular Product By Text Mining Of The Information Posted By Different Users From Social Media Network And Address.

Title 2:  Diagnosis Of Brain Tumor Using Machine Learning Algorithms

We Propose A System That Has An Efficient Prediction System That Compliments Radiologists’ Abilities By Facilitating Diagnosis Of Brain Tumor. Once The Mri Scans Are Done, They Will Be Fed Into The System And After Detecting Brain Tumor Using Image Segmentation And Machine Learning, And Generate An Intermediate Report. The Radiologist Will Take A Look At The Intermediate Report.

Title 3:  Fraud Detection In Online Banking Using Hmm

As Online Banking Becomes The Most Popular Mode Of Payment For Both Online As Well As Internet Based Transaction, Cases Of Fraud Associated With It Are Also Rising. In This Paper We Model The Sequence Of Operations In Internet Banking Transaction Processing Using A Hidden Markov Model (hmm) And Showing How It Can Be Used For The Detection Of Frauds.

Title 4: Uwb Antenna Design For Gpr Applications

Advances In Wireless Communication Are Hypothesized To Require Specific Phenotype. We Humans Are Witnessing A Challenging Face Of Dynamism And Implementation Of Revolutionary Ideas In The Development Of Our Nation. With The Blooming Of Modern Wireless Communication Technologies, Antenna Research Is Entering Another Phase Of Significant Development.

Title 5:  Design & Simulation Of Multiband Frequency Antenna

Nowadays In Radar And Satellite Communication Applications, Microstrip Patch Antennas Are Very Popular Due To Their Low Profile, Mechanically Robust, Relatively Compact And Light And Possibility Of Multi Frequency Operation. They Are Easy And Inexpensive To Manufacture And Can Be Con- Formable In Planar And Non-planar Planes.

Title 6: Design And Development Of Compact And Highly Isolated Antenna For Wireless Application Using Multiple Input Multiple Output Techniques

In The Present Technology The Demand For Higher Data Rate Or Internet Speed Is Prime Concern. The Technology Multiple-input-multiple-output Fulfills The Above Higher Data Rate Requirement Easily. The Multiple Antenna System Can Transmit The Different Information Simultaneously; Consequently Speed Is Increases From Mpbs To Gbps.

Title 7:  Design And Fabrication Of Microstrip Patch Antenna With Band Notch Characteristics

A Novel Printed Micro Strip Patch Antenna For Ultra Wide Band Applications With Dual Band-notch Function.the Measured Antenna Results In The Software (at Present)reveal That The Presented Dual Band-notch Monopole Antenna Offers A Very Wide Bandwidth. With Two Notched Bands, Covering All The 5.2/5.8-ghz Wlan, 3.5/5.5-ghz Wimax And 4-ghz C-bands.

Title 8:  Ecg Signal Acquisition And Monitoring System

The Idea Is To Design A Ecg Signal Acquisition And Monitoring System Which Would Continuously Monitor Heart Functioning And Transmit The Recorded Signal To Cardiologist For Advice If There Is Case Of Arrhythmia. About 25% Of Deaths In The World Are Due To Cardiovascular Diseases, Which Require Modalities To Be Worked Out For Patients

Title 9:   Residual Chlorine Detection Using Digital Image Processing

Water Purification Is Important Because Water Is A Basic Necessity Of Life. Due To This Differentiation, Water Treatment Becomes An Essential Part Of The Whole Water-utilization Process. There Is A Wide Spectrum Of Water-treatment Processes, Which Are Either Combined Or Taken In Isolation, According To Each Use. Essentially, The Aim Is To Remove, Or In Some Cases Reduce.

Title 10:  Automatic Car License Plate Detection System

Car Plate Recognition Is An Effective Image Processing Technique Used To Identify Car’s Plate Numbers. There Are Several Applications For This Technique Which Expand Through Many Fields And Interest Groups. Car Plate Recognition May Be Used As A Marketing Tool, For Purposes Of Toll Booth Traffic And Border Control, For Law Enforcement, And Travel.

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