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Below you’ll find a list of top 10 Best Engineering Project Ideas which you can submit in your college.

Title 1:  Skew Detection And Correction Of Images

Image Processing Has Become An Increasingly Essitial Technology In Office Automation Tasks. One Of The Problem Is That The Document Image May Appear Skewed For Many Reasons. There Are Three Possible Tilt Ways : Horizontal Tilt, Vertical Tilt And Compound Tilt. Therefore The Skew Estimation Plays An Important Role In Any Automatic Document Analysis System.

Title 2: Designing and Developing Energy Storage DevicesTitle 1: Designing and Developing Energy Storage Devices

To provide Cost effective and reliable integration of renewable energy with storage to provide an uninterrupted electricity supply in rural area.

Title 3: Health care and Biomedical devices

Design a device based on neural network and IOT, which will predict the fore coming health related issues.

Title 4:  Multimedia Audio Transmission Through Free Space Optical Medium (laser)

The Simple Laser Communication System Consists Of Two Section Transmitter And Receiver. At The Transmitter Any Audio Device Can Be Coupled To The Laser Light, At The Receiver The Varying Intensity Which Is Proportional To Audio Signals Can Be Sensed By Any Optical Sensor Like Light Dependent Resistor (ldr) Or Photo Transistor.

Title 5: Smart Kitchen

The project is based on IOT, where everything in the kitchen will be automized, gas leakage detector will be implemented, IOT based Oven and rice cooker, Stacking of groceries and vegetables everything is automized.

Title 6:   Ultra Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna Design Using Metamaterial

Metamaterial Exhibiting Negative Permittivity And Negative Permeability In Certain Frequency Range Or Known As Left-handed Material (lhm), Provides Another Alternative To The Existing Right-hand Rule. With This Theory, It Offers A New Dimension To The Patch Antenna Applications As Well As Optic.

Title 7:   X-band Metamaterial Absorber With Dual Band/broadband Absorption Characteristics.

Absorbers In The Rf/microwave Realm Are Materials That Attenuate The Energy In An Electromagnetic Wave. Absorbers Can Be Used To Reduce The Reflection From Or Transmission To Particular Objects. These Materials Are Used To Eliminate Stray Or Unwanted Radiation. The Material ‘‘chiroshield’’ Is Capable Of Very High Absorption, And Reduces Backscatter By 15 To 25 Db.

Title 8:  Design And Fabrication Of Microstrip Patch Antenna With Band Notch Characteristics

A Novel Printed Micro Strip Patch Antenna For Ultra Wide Band Applications With Dual Band-notch Function.the Measured Antenna Results In The Software (at Present)reveal That The Presented Dual Band-notch Monopole Antenna Offers A Very Wide Bandwidth. With Two Notched Bands, Covering All The 5.2/5.8-ghz Wlan, 3.5/5.5-ghz Wimax And 4-ghz C-bands.

Title 9:   A Novel Quad-band Diversity Antenna For Lte And Wi-fi Applications With High Isolation

Stepping Into The New Generation Of Mobile Communication It Is Of Concern To Increase The Performance Of The Mobile Terminals. But, The Issue Of Signal Fading In A Multi-path Environment Stands As An Obstacle Today. It Limits The Data Rate When Transmitting Between Base Station And Terminal, And Also Causes Interruptions When The Signal Strength Is Low.

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Best Engineering Project Ideas

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