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Here you’ll see a list of 10 Engineering projects which can submit in your college.

Topic 1: Brain Tumor Detection Using Image Segmentation

A system that will detect brain tumor from an input noisy MRI image.

Title 2: Measuring calories and nutrition from food image

A food calorie and nutrition measurement system that can help patients and dietitians to measure and manage daily food intake.

Title 3: Waste segregator using image processing

To design a real time trash collector that can be used for domestic purposes that can efficiently separate domestic wastes so that it would be easy for the municipality people to segregate them on a large scale basis based on bio-degradable or non-biodegradable features.

Title 4 : Sign language recognition system

A system that recognizes the Indian Sign Language using human-computer interaction.

Title 5: Image Compression Of The Satellite Images

We are having a project on image compression this is the field which deals with several real time applications as compression of images, the higher transmission rate of the image data, reducing the memory requirement for data storage, etc. here in our project, we have compressed the image data using ccsds lossless algorithm.

Title 6: Live Attendance System Using Image Processing

Image Processing Is Used In Many Applications Like Medical, Manufacturing Plant & Security Systems. I Tying To Design The System That Takes The Attendance Of Students In Class Automatically Using Face Detection. By Continuous Observation, We Can Improve The Performance For The Attendance. We Constructed The Lecture Attendance System Based On Face Recognition.

Title 7: Automatic Toll Collection System Using Image-processing.

The Abstract Of Our Invention Is That It Provides A Toll-collection System Which Automatically Collects Tolls With Accuracy And Security By Using Special Technique Of Image-processing And With A Matlab Software To Ensure A Stable Communication Between Transmitter And Receiver.

Title 8 : Omr Sheet Reader By Image Processing And Display Marks On Lcd.

This Project Is Omr System For Recognition Of Filled Bubbles In Scanned Omr Sheets And Its Evaluation In Absence Of Omr Machine. Omr Stands For Optical Mark Recognition. As The Name Suggests, Omr Software Can Automatically Recognize Marks On A Page, And So It Is Used To Process Scanned Forms Containing Filled-in Answers. The Primary Aim Of The Project Is To Find A Software Solution To Substitute.

Title 9: Android Phone Operated Home Appliances Using Bluetooth Technology
All Home Appliances Such As Fans, Tubelights, Tvs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Etc. Have Become A Part Of The Daily Life Of A Normal Human Being. These Devices Are Driven By Alternating Current Supplied To Every House From The Energy Station. Taking Into Consideration The Different Advancements In The Field Of Electronics And Robotics We Can Develop A Method For Operating All Home Appliances.
Title 10: Automatic Dual Axis Solar Tracker

Solar Energy Is Rapidly Gaining Notoriety As An Important Means Of Expanding Renewable Energy Resources. As Such, It Is Vital That Those In Engineering Fields. Understand The Technologies Associated With This Area. My Project Will Include The Design And Construction Of A Microcontroller-based Solar Panel Tracking System. Solar Tracking Allows More Energy To Be Produced Because of The Solar Array.

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