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Web Hosting is most important factor for the blogger so that it can be accessible to the reader. Hosting provide the domain name for the blog.  When any blog get the domain name then it can be search on Google pages. It can be free or paid.  Most of are paid one but in between there some good hosting provider.

Here are the some best free Web hosting,

1. It is free of cost and simple, user friendly hosting site. When we use this, in the end of the domain name joint “” but give limited storage.

2. It is not free but you can buy it very reasonable price.  You can say, it is almost free. It provide $0.80 per month. It provide very good features for the website building. Provide design to beautiful design of site, good storage, high speed, one free account.

3. it is free of cost with no ads but every month it will be offline for 2 hrs. And also include sub-domain “”. It provide high speed but bad up time.

4. It is the newest hosting provider with free of cost. The most beautiful thing about this hosting provider is, to provide unlimited access of features. It also include sub domain.

5. it offer free hosting with high performance environment with latest version. features are good too.

6. GoDaddy: It is the most popular service provider and world largest service provider. It provide unlimited access of features with very low cost. If you want, u can try for 30 days free trial. It is very easy to use.

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