Car Disappears Shocking Viral Video in Mumbai

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Car Disappears Shocking Viral Video in Mumbai: In Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area car disappearing on the spot is going viral. Mumbai has experienced a huge amount of rain this year, and many accidents occurred due to it. In Ghatkopar society, a car was seen drowning in a deep sinkhole beside a parking area. A short clip from the accident is going viral which shows the car drowning in the sink and disappears in a couple of minutes.

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The clip of the sinking car was shared on Twitter by IPS officer Rupin Sharma, many people shared the same video and it went viral. Let’s look at The car disappears shocking viral video below:

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The ANI News agency

The clip starts with the car sinking in the hole and disappearing after some time. More about the situation was been shared by the ANI News agency.

This news agency gave information about what the traffic police said about the situation. Traffic police stated that there was a well at that place, people covered it with a concrete slab and started parking cars over there. The incident occurred due to land subsidence following rain. Luckily no one was injured. IPS Officer Rupin Sharma also shared the video of the recovery Mumbai BMC did to bring the car out of the well.


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