Carry Minati Gaming Channel Hacked

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Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati an Indian YouTuber who own’s two channels

  1. Carry Minati
  2. CarryisLive

Carry Minati is Ajey Nagar’s roasting channel on YouTube which is the most subscribed YouTube Channel of India with over 20M subscribers.

Whereas CarryisLive is his Game streaming channel which is No.1 Game streaming channel of India.

According to the latest information Ajey Nagar 2nd channel i.e. the game streaming channel has been hacked by a hacker.

He has seeked for help to YouTube India On Twitter.

Carry Minati’s Tweet
YouTube’s reply

YouTube replied to him and asked him to follow the next steps over dm to get back his channel.

Carry’s Fan’s have also been supporting him and tagging YouTube India, YouTube Creators, Team YouTube on twitter to show their complete suppport.

He has gain a lot of fan base at an early stage, his kindness down to earthness, gentle behaviour has made him loveable among all age groups and his content is loved by both male and female.

May he get his channel back this is what we pray for him

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