Carry Minati To Be A Big Boss Contestant FT Bhuvan Bam & Ashish

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Carry Minati To Be A Big Boss Contestant

Rumours are being spread across that Teen YouTuber Carry Minati will be a contestant in Big Boss season 14.

Carry Minati is an Indian YouTuber who has crossed 25 millions subscribers on YT.

Rumours about Carry Minati is floated around that carry fans will be able to see him on Big Boss.

Big Boss is an Indian Reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan.

As the rumours went on increasing Carry has to tweet on twitter to clarify all the misunderstandings amongst his fan.

Carry Minati Tweeted on September 16 2020 at 11.39 am

I am not going in Bigg Boss! Don’t believe in everything you read.

On this tweet Famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam commented

Bhuvan Bam Commented: Tu next year bhi jayega. Jaise main pichle 4 saal se jaa raha hoon..
English Translation: You’ll go next year too. As I’m going since 4 years

Rumours about Bhuvan Bam were also raised before.

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On CarryMinati’s Tweet Famous YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani too commented:

Ashish Chanchlani commented: Wo sab theek hai ye baaki 3 youtubers kaun the? Jinki news aa rahi thi.

English Translation: All this is fine who are the other 3 youtubers. who were in news to be a contestant in Big Boss 14

According to Ashish Chanchlani, 3 others YouTuber’s were also going to be a contestant in Big Boss 14.

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