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Chhichhore movie review :

The movie Chhichhore begins with Raghav (the son of Annirudha Pathak and Maya- the leading characters) committing suicide upon failing in his engineering exams and suffers a brain hemorrhage. However, the actual movie begins when the doctor treating Raghav tells his parents Anni and Maya (Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor) that the health of the boy is not recovering as such the boy does not seem to want to live. This prompts the father-Anni (Sushant Singh Rajput ) to go back to their days back in engineering College and share how he and his friends back in the college were actually looked down upon by their contemporaries and termed as“ losers” (and how they failed at everything )to the son by sitting by his bedside at the hospital in hopes of his recovery.

As the movie progresses, I see a lot of instances where the prospective engineers apply management lessons to get to the top of the General Championship (GC) by beating the “so-called face of the college”- The Cool Kids at Hostel No 3.

Anni Convinces his senior Derek to aim at winning it despite his inhibitions. He doesn’t stop at that, he rather goes ahead to convince the rest of the students of Hostel 4 that winning GC will enable them to get rid of their tag “ Losers” and acquires their support. All the “ losers” decide unanimously to “ do whatever it takes” to win the GC and decide to keep away from their respective vices e.g. Acid pledges to refrain from abusing, Derek pledges giving up on Smoking, Anni pledges to give up speaking to Maya, etc.

Derek and the Losers decide on the correct fit in each situation to defeat the Hostel 3 Guys- such as They make pick and choose the best resource at hand knowing their specific competencies- eg- They allocate Acid-( who can abuse the best) to frame the slogan, the beautiful Maya to divert the other team players before their matches, etc.

This was the best part of the movie that I loved. We always take a conservative approach to succeed but Chichore depicts how you must recognize and play to your strengths and that there is no one way to succeed. The “ losers” realize they can not replicate the so-called studious, intelligent, and refined kids in the Hostel No 3. However, they are great at being back-benchers- i.e. the losers are great at distracting others, shouting slogans, demoralizing the studious bunch from their assumed goal. Thus the “losers keep Distraction at the center of their strategy and play along with that. Half the battle is won at the start of a game of Football when the losers hire their cook to enact the role of a coach on the football turf.

The Cook is asked to share the recipe of “How Aaloo ki sabzi is prepared’ and his eloquent actions narrating the recipe of Aaloo ki sabzi is misconstrued by the opponent team as a well-planned strategy by the coach”

“ Chhichhore stunned me by the end, as such I was expecting the losers to win the GC and beat the opponent team hands down like any other dramatic end of a Bollywood movie. However, in the climax, while the doctors are preparing to take the boy in for surgery, Anni begs for 10 minutes to narrate the end of the story.

It astonishes the boy and the audience who is eagerly awaiting the expected end of losers winning the GC and are shocked to see the end depicting losers losing by a single point to the opponent team and” failing” at their goal of winning the GC.

It is not the end result that defines success, it is the hard work, effort, sweat, and toil put in the process that defines success. This is our full Chhichhore movie review, Hope you like it. (Credits: Vinay Kundu)

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