China blocks WION China blocks access to WION

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China blocks WION

The Great Firewall of China is known for restricting the access of media outlets and other internet platforms which seems to be harming china’s image as a powerful and stable country.

Since the beginning of covid-19 pandemic, WION has extensively reported on China’s cover-up, and hence, Beijing has expressed its displeasure over this in many ways.

In March 2020, the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry,- Zhao Lijian, blocked WION on the social media site Twitter. Chinese diplomats in India also criticised WION’s coverage of the covid-19 pandemic.

In June, a piece in the Global Times named WION, asking the channel to “think independently.” The publication is perceived as the lifeline of Beijing’s propaganda machinery.

It’s no secret that the Chinese ideology doesn’t support the idea of a free press and the ban on WION is part of the same thinking of press censorship.

WION has reported bluntly on the deed’s of chinese communist party and it’s military over the on-going border disputes with india, japan, and manyother countries. China has emerged as a huge threat in the indio-pacific region for the stability and economic well-being. China has not only pushed the whole world to covid-19 pandemic, but also when other countries are fighting the chinese virus, they are imposing a very huge threat to the sovereignty of other countries but also posing a threat for a possible clash where multiple nations will be involved, i.e a possible World War 3.

We as a blogging site support the tremendous work done by WION and personally love there reporting even in these uncertain times of pandemic and instability. when china blocks wion we see it as a victory of WION as how impressively it telecasted the truth.

Also #ChinaBlocksWION is trending on twitter India.

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