College Love Story – A Beautiful Journey

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College Love Story :

Today, I want to share the story of Two of my very good friends. They both are very close to me and their story will surely inspire many, and help in making a choice in their life.

So firstly, let us give an imaginary name to both of them. The girl is Devi and the boy is Ben. So first let me tell you how I met both of them. On the 2nd day of my college, I sat behind Devi. Devi was totally unknown to me. I was sitting with my friend lets say ( Mohit ). So Mohit recognized her as they had a common friend lets say ( chaya ). So Mohit randomly asked Devi that do you know chaya, she recognized Mohit and from then more then Mohit, I became her close friend. Talking about Ben, I first met him while we were on our college trip. The whole journey is still so close to my heart, that every friend I made are very close to me.

Talking about how Devi and Ben met, so firstly Devi kinda hated Ben, thinking he was arrogant. But little did she knew, how kind hearted he was. Slowly we all became very close friends, having our meals together, going to movies, exploring our city, and many such crazy things.

After knowing Ben for 2-3 months, Devi got to know, what a gentleman Ben was. The bond between Devi and Ben grew day by day as their was no end to this growth. They started sharing things with each other, caring about each other and many such things which you can only expect from a person very close to you. Days passed, we where promoted to next class.

Sometimes we are not able to share our feelings for the person, mistakely thinking about an opaque consequences of their actions. It is rightly said, we are not able to hide our feelings with our close ones. Lately the people in our group and me started to see something different, something which was growing between them, something which we all felt but they where unable to confess.

Just how randomly I met Devi, the same way she confessed her feelings for Ben to me. Now we all know, how eager we all are to setup things between our friends. Devi felt if she confesses to Ben, the bond between them will eventually break. Even Ben felt the same. They both decided to meet one day and clear what should be done. They both met, shared their feelings. Even I had a talk with both of them and came to know their concerns. I tried to make them understand what good can happen rather than its consequences. Eventually, they both understood each other and made a promise to be a part of each other’s journey for an undetermined time of their life.

Such love can inspire us to rather than expecting from your partners, we should try to make them happy. Small things impact the most, try to fill all the small needs rather than doing something big. Because even a full month of rain is not enough to make a desert into a forest. Try to do things with nothing expecting back. if this understanding grows between two people, nothing can then break them apart.

Talking about me, i still in a very long journey with them, having many things to share more, many things to tell you about Devi and even Ben. But for now i will stop here, i will see you all once again with what happened after all this. Until then take care of everyone close to you and try to be happy in what they offer to you.

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