College Reopen From Feb 15 Safety is major issue

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College Reopens Safety is major issue – It has been decided by the higher authorities to reopen college. Colleges to be open with 50% capacity overall from February 15. It has created mixed reactions from both college and students. While many consider it good to bring back students and staff to campus. Specially talking about Mumbai University it is quite difficult for them to share a detailed guidelines on opening colleges. Hence most of the students and staff are dependent upon trains for traveling purpose.

However as we know that college is to be reopen from February 15. Hence we still donot know the proper guidelines about the move. However unless we are not announced about proper guidelines no decision can be taken by colleges.

Hence major issue is of students and staff is regarding how this will be possible. Especially when the trains are not yet open for general ublic at peak hours.

Reopening of schools is still possible because school students are mainly dependent on auto, buses, private vehicals. However college students are largely dependent on trains.

College staff and principle believe that government should first look upon the decision of opening trains fully. Several cities have around 3000 to 5000 students and more few hundreds of teaching and non-teaching staff. Even with 50% capacity , colleges are worried aboutreopening college.

hile most institutes already have a sanitisation program in place, some are worried about the expenses that will be incurred by them once students start attending regular lectures. “We have 4,000 students plus staff to cater to, and even if only 50% of them are on campus, sanitising every class and ensuring sanitisers for all students and staff will be a huge cost to incur. The government should look into offering some financial aid to colleges, especially those with a large number of students,” said Marie Fernandes, principal of St Andrew’s College, Bandra

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