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Poetry can be different for everyone because each human being has a different interpretation of the piece. Poetry can trigger memories, bring colors, or even take you to a whole different world. It can bring awareness to issues while still being short and sweet. Here is one such content which will surely bring a smile on your face!

And there I was, standing there shining bright
the white color pouring the wisdoms
my dress whispering in the yellowish light
the blue sky unchaining me with the freedom

My eyes blazing with fire red
when I accounted the energy consuming the air
watching the serene greenery to spread
opening the renewal within me to flare

Colorful being

Making myself back to home with a calm glow
I crafted the picture with the brush
The purple hues causing my creativity to flow
I rested in peace, for tomorrow’s rush

I started draining in my thoughts
When my eyes captured the grey painting of history
My mind becoming neutral, looking at the brown spots
I shut my eyes, the blackness unfolding the mystery.

By Nandini Yadav

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