Covid-19 found in Animals

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Covid-19 found in Animals

Covid-19 found in Animals: Many animals around the globe are testing positive for covid-19. Several gorillas have been tested for COVID-19 at the San Diego Zoo in California, the U.S. Has become the first captive animals to be infected.

While some gorillas in the park show minor symptoms, more studies are needed to understand the direct effects of the virus on primates.
The gorillas may have been infected by an asymptomatic person. He is expected to recover soon. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 early last year, there have been numerous reports of animal infections. There are known cases of infection in domestic cats, lions, and hair. The Danish government added mink to their numbers to prevent the spread of mutated species from animal to human.

New Strain

The new strain of the virus is worrisome because some mink-related genes are thought to have a general decrease in susceptibility to the immune system. Studies have shown that cats are more susceptible to viruses because of their cellular structure. Other studies have analyzed the risk of infection in 410 species, including fish, birds, land and sea animals, reptiles, and mammals. Studies have shown that many species of insects have an increased risk of infection with SARS-Covid-2. Some of these species are critically endangered, including the Western Gorilla and the Sumatran Orang-utan. However, experimental infection studies have shown that chickens and cattle are not susceptible to infection.

Infections from humans to animals When the virus originally transmitted from animal to human, the current epidemic is largely supported by the transmission of the virus to humans. While the virus can be transmitted from humans to animals, the risk of spreading the infection from animals to humans is low. Some pets, including cats and dogs, have been found to be infected, possibly with people with COVID-19. Because of the contact.

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