Covid-19 more dangerous for Cancer Patients

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Covid-19 more dangerous for Cancer Patients: A new study examined the relationship between cancer and Covid-19. Cancer patients diagnosed 24 months ago have been shown to be more likely to develop severe Covid-19 infections. The study tested 156 cancer patients between February 29 and May 12 with COVID cancer. 82% of these patients had more or moderate Covid-19 infections and 18% had a serious illness.

Using sophisticated mathematical techniques, the researchers linked their personal and medical conditions with Covid-19 magnitude or mortality. After 37 days, 22% of patients were found dead. Patients with Asian nationality, medical treatment, or cancer diagnosis less than 24 months before the onset of Covid-19 symptoms have a higher risk of death. Patients with dyspnea (shortness of breath) or high CRP (a common symptom of inflammation) are also at risk of dying from Covid-19.

Severe Covid-19 infections were associated with fever, indigestion, abdominal symptoms, or cancer diagnosis 24 months ago. The majority of patients in the study group were men from low-income backgrounds; Half white, 22% black, and 4% in Asia. Hypertension is the most commonly reported comorbidity, followed by diabetes, kidney failure, and heart disease. The most common bowel types are urological/gynecological (29%), hematological (18%), and chest (15%). When Covid-19 is classified according to severity, the majority of cancers are hematological (36%).

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