COVID-19 Vaccination During Menstruation? Is it Safe?

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Can Women Take COVID-19 Vaccination During Menstruation?

COVID-19 Vaccination process has been started, earlier it was for people above 45 years of age. However, from 1st May 2021 onwards, everyone above 18 years is eligible to take the vaccine. However, we have seen that there are many side effects seen in the people who are vaccinated. While people believe that this COVID vaccine is dangerous to health, however, it’s not. It is not only COVID Vaccine, but every vaccine when taken gives minor fever and headache which is normal. While many people will be having a lot of doubts regarding this vaccination process and also there have been observed some myths and misinformation. One of such doubts is can women take vaccines during periods? The answer is yes it is totally okay to take covid-19 vaccination during menstruation. As the covid vaccine has found to be very safe in all concerns, and not at all harmful.

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Doctors have continuously said that people should not fall into such fake advice and claims. However, getting information from social media is not always true as they always add a pinch of salt while acknowledging people.

Does Taking Vaccination During Periods Limits the Vaccine’s Efficiancy ?

Menstruation or Periods is a natural body process and does not decrease the body’s immune response. According to Dr. Astha Dayal, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, the CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon, vaccines are absolutely safe, period or no period. The vaccine is life-saving and should be taken as soon a s possible.

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A social media post floating around mentioned such myths that taking covid vaccine during periods or after or before 5 days of periods won’t be safe, it is FALSE. Vaccination during menstruation is safe and can be taken.


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Also Read: Why there is a Second Wave of Coronavirus in India?

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