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Covid india:

On Monday 6, july 2020, India recorded 22,500 new Cases in the country. The no. of recovered patients was 15,256 and 473 dead.

Total no. of testing on Monday was 2,41,430, and only 10% of them where found infected. This shows a positive growth in the decline of cases when compared to testing numbers.

Still after having low mortality rate, low infection rate, and high recovery rate. India on Monday became worlds 3rd most affected country from the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid india

To date, the USA ranks 1st globally in the total number of infected people, with 3,041,035 total cases and 132,981 deaths. Which is very far from any other Country. Brazil Comes 2nd with 1,626,071 total cases and 65,556 deaths. 3rd in India, 4th in Russia, and 5th place in Peru with 3,00,00+ Cases.

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As many as 11,756,506 people around the world have been diagnosed with Covid-19 so far. While 6,753,170 have recovered and 541,086 have died, according to Worldometer. India, the USA, Brazil, and many countries have been greatly affected by Covid-19. Still the Vaccine is a bit far, we hope it becomes available at earliest.

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