Covid Situation in Delhi | Covid-19 should come under control Says Kejriwal

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Covid Situation in Delhi | Covid’ 19 should come under control in 7-10 days says Arvind Kejriwal. Covid testing drops in Delhi, due to lack of staff and skilled technician.

Arvind Kejriwal Delhi CM
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi the capital of India is facing huge crisis due to covid-19 situation. Corona is out of control in Delhi.

“Covid-19 cases have been increasing for the last few days. I am also concerned about it. We have been taking all appropriate measures to control it. We are considering taking more steps next week. I think the situation should come under control in 7 to 10 days and the cases should start decreasing,” Arvind Kejriwal said during a press conference.

Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal also says pollution is the “biggest” reason behind the spike in coronavirus cases in the city.

On 26 April 2021, The National Capital Delhi has recorded a total of 10,47,916 Covid cases, with 14,628 deaths and 9,40,930 recoveries.

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Due to shortage of oxygen in Delhi, Delhi CM wrote to top industrialists in the country to help Delhi overcome the situation. As due to oxygen shortage 25 patients died in sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

There is shortage of manpower in Delhi as most of the sample collectors, technicians as well as other staff members are being tested positive for Corona virus.

According to the reports by The Print there is a huge backlog in testing and report and there is a need to ramp up the testing said by various experts in Delhi to The Print.

A huge Backlog in Delhi Covid Reports

As the number of cases is increasing day by day and the staff members are decreasing there is a huge backlog. The old case reports are yet to be released and because of that, there is a decline in new testing as well.

“There has been some delay in giving results. For instance, our hospital alone is testing around 300-400 patients every day in comparison to the 30-40 that we were doing last month. So this has caused a delay in results but tests are happening,” said S.P. Byotra, chairman, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

“Labs are trying to clear their backlog of cases before they take in new samples. That is why it may appear that testing is low because fresh sample collection is low,” said Dr. Dhiraj Malik, medical superintendent, Saroj Super Speciality Hospital.

The Need To Ramp Up Covid-19 Testing

The Print spoke to many experts and they said there is a need to ramp up testing. However, several labs claim they have already increased testing capacity.

“We have almost doubled capacity in the last month and we are still ramping up capacity. I will be able to share the details of our new capacity next week. I don’t know why the government data is showing fewer tests as we have clearly increased capacity,” said Dr. Shrey Malhotra, Lal Path Lab.

“We have increased capacity from 1,000 samples to 3,000 samples in a day from the beginning of April to now. How can tests come down by half when we have increased capacity? We need an explanation on this from authorities,” said a senior official at a leading private lab in Delhi on condition of anonymity.

“There may be multiple reasons; the number of people walking into hospitals to get tested is fewer now, public health officials would also go to different areas and screen people there, that may have decreased due to the lockdown and home collection has also reduced the number to some extent,” said Dr B.L. Sherwal, medical director, Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality hospital.

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