COVID19 has affected the education of disabled children

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COVID19 has affected the education of disabled children. Online lectures are the only thing working now. In this pandemic as pen and paper education has shifted to online lectures. It has been seen that children are facing problems with online lectures. Researchers have seen the result of online lectured caused to rural area students and students from the working class. It has not seen the students with special needs.

Online teaching has let students become lazy as there is no proper time schedule. Institutes are using apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and many others which is creating a problem for special children.

Many Hearing impaired students have been separated from their sign language interprets. The problem of not hearing is faced by the hearing impaired children. They need subtitles for it which are rarely available on some apps.

Even normal students are facing problems as staying on laptops or mobile phones for a long time is a hectic thing. Students may let their eyesight weak. I have known about the real problems faced by the children beside me. They tell me about how they are facing problems as they are getting headaches. Even they are feeling lazy to sit in one place for a longer duration.

There is no choice we cannot do anything about this. The studies are important as well as the health of the children. We can only hope that the government takes a proper decision for the students and make things better. Special children should be given with proper guidelines. Their family members help them in all cases.

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