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Saroj Khan the great dancing queen was a star who was a dancing doll. Remembering the days when her TV show uses to come where she use to teach dance very well, me being a dance addict love. Since childhood, I have been always in love with her dance moves. Dancing Queen was born on 22 November 1948 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. From a background dancer to a well-known choreographer she gained success in dancing. “The Mother of Choreography in India” was the name given to her. She choreographed more than 200 songs, She started her career as a child artist at the age of three with the film Nazarana as baby Shyama.

Nach Baliye was her first dance show in the year 2005. A famous Choreographer from a movie is where Saroj Khan started and courier with and then she married him at the age of 13. It has always being a dream for almost all-stars to learn dance from her and well known Madhuri Dixit received the chance.

Saroj Khan

Mumbai being a Bollywood city have made dreams of every person come true. Most of the people dream of becoming a star in Mumbai and their dream comes true. Saroj Khan started her courier since childhood and her hard work and her love towards dance made her reach this place but with this, we get to know that not only studies but your hobby when done with hard work make you go on top.

But there comes a time in everyone’s life where death comes. Saroj Khan also died on 3rd July 2020. I feel that we should do work which makes us remember forever even after death. I feel is the best place to make your dreams come true. All Saroj Khan fans should not be sad but remember her forever.


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