Dear Rainbow

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O dear rainbow paint me too,
Fill my life with your hue.
A mother’s love as pure as white,
Who cares and loves and holds me tight.
A father’s strength as robust as tawny,
To clutch me when I’m thin and scrawny.
The amity of a friend jolly and mellow,
Like sunflowers blooming bright and yellow.
And maybe a love to share my drink,
Who embraces me through dusk’s pink.
O dear rainbow paint me too,
Fill heart with your hue.
A spoonful smile like golden honey,
A green disdain for greed of money.
A bit of grey won’t do no harm,
A pinch of crimson for some charm.
A little azure just for grace,
Like a ruby red rose no one can replace.
O dear rainbow I want to be like you,
Not one or two but all your hues.

Shailja Jadon

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