Defence Acquisition Council approves Weapons worth Rs 38,900 crore

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Defence – Astra, Pinaka and LRLACM: India’s Indigenous Missiles to add firepower to Army, IAF and Navy

This is a very big step toward’s aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and the face-off going on with China. As the government expects the standoff with china to continue well beyond this year and the armed forces ready for the long-haul, preparing for all eventualities, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) chaired by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday cleared several proposals worth 39,000 crores that will boost the combat capabilities of all three services – Army, Air Force & Navy.

The most important of these proposals include missile systems for the three services and additional fighter jets for the Air Force. The aircraft will be bought from Russia and Hindustan Aeronautics. IAF to urgently procure 21 MiG 29s & 12 Su 30s fighter planes from Russia.

The government said in a statement, that ” Amid the current situation and the need to strengthen the Armed Forces for the defense of our borders, DAC accorded approval for capital acquisitions of various platforms and equipment required by the Indian Armed Forces for an approximate cost of Rs 38,900 crore. In this, a total of Rs 31,130 crore includes acquisitions from Indian Industries. This project is only possible due to the Transfer of Technology by DRDO to the Indigenous Industry.

Pinaka Missile System :

It is an all-weather, indirect fire, free flight artillery rocket system, according to DRDo. It was also used in the Kargil War of 1999, but the new one is a modified version with better capabilities.

Astra Missiles :

It’s Beyond Visual Range capability will serve as a force multiplier and immensely add to the strike capability of Navy and Air Force. It is designed to engage and destroy highly maneuvering supersonic aircraft.


It is aimed at enhancing India’s firing range from between 400 km and 500 km of the Brahmos to 1000 Km. It is fully indigenous long-range land attack cruise missile that can greatly enhance the operational capability of services said DRDO.

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