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Cheese ball at home is the best, easy, and fast made food at home. Being a food addict I also love making food. Especially during this COVID 19 pandemic, I have learned a lot of cooking. Sometimes I feel there are so many things you can make at home, but we prefer going out and eat. This time our situation has led us to stay at home and try new dishes at home.

Recently I made cheese balls which was so delicious that I felt like sharing the recipe with you all. Now making cheese balls is an easy thing and if you love cooking then its perfect to try at home. Let me share you the picture of the dish I made.

Cheese Balls

To Make

Take some potatoes and boil them after boiling mash them until they become into small pieces. Now take those potatoes and put some salt according to your taste and some chili powder and even put little hot spice in it. If you love Chinese taste then you can even put some chili flakes and oregano. It will give a great taste to it. Now for the cheese, you can mesh cheese with the potato or you can make potato balls and insert small cheese cubes inside it. I putt cheese cubes inside it. Putting cheese cubes inside will make them melt and will be loved by everyone.

I used three types of dips with it, one our regular ketchup and some very mayonnaise, and the third dip were homemade I used dry red chili made a paste of it and used some soya sauce, vinegar, and tomato ketchup and fried it on a pan. It was tasty and loved by the adults as it made the dish a little spicy which is loved by adults.

Now coming to how did i fried the cheese balls. So i made balls of the mashed potato and took some bread . I used water on both sides of the bread and covered the balls with that bread. Remeber to soak the water properly. Then i took a fry pan and fried the balls until it looked brown and crispy.

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