Demolition of slums – Supreme Court

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Demolition of slums – Supreme Court

Demolition of slums – Supreme Court: Railway Delhi and Northern Railway governments are trying to devise a plan to demolish the shocks built along the city railway line and rehabilitate the residents. The Supreme Court upheld the demolition order on August 31, stating that it would not allow other courts to resolve the matter.

A written case was filed by an advocate for air pollution in Delhi in 1985. Many other applications have been identified with the original applications and the scope of application has increased to include vehicle pollution, waste disposal, air quality, etc. If the company (Northern Railway) and the state do not reach the evacuation and resettlement plan for these people soon, millions of people will be stranded on the road during the epidemic. As part of the policy, increased slum collections prior to January 2015 will not be demolished without alternative housing. After this expiration date, the resulting shocks will be dropped without being restored.

The policy states that 60 per cent of the land exempted after the removal of slum collection is to be used for slum rehabilitation and the rest can be used as a source. This provision also applies to informal settlements, which can be demolished as per court orders if a specific land is required for a particular community project. The protocol includes surveys to determine eligibility. The Railways and DUSIB now have to decide which of these to follow before implementing the Supreme Court orders to demolish the slums.

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