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Digital Marketing an Iceberg: What does digital Marketing truly MEAN

DIGITAL MARKETING AN ICEBERG: Digital marketing when referred to instantly strikes as social media marketing to the minds of many people. Though social media marketing is a sub-domain of digital marketing, the latter consists of a lot of technical and
logical analysis. The concept of content creation is always overemphasized but what people forget is in order to sell a product or service, systematic
research and approach are required in order to make a profit and reach the
intended audience.

Digital Marketing

When asked to a core digital marketer who has a prior
work experience of 10-15 years, will say that various terms like CCDVTP
(create, communicate, deliver, pricing, target, profit) are not known to many newly joined interns who call themselves digital marketers.

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CCDVTP is a basic and core concept which must be understood which is
used to effectively launch a service or a product into the market. The first step in this process is to create a need or to find a need and to create a solution. As a great businessman has very well said that “everyone is
running behind solving problems but very few try to find a problem.
In order to solve a problem, an existing problem must be recognized.
That is the difference between a successful entrepreneur and a person
working for others. “After creating there is a need for communication, i.e a strategy must be there in order to make the intended people aware and cognizant about the service. Later comes the need for planning on logistics and delivering the service.

Factor of pricing your product

Pricing Stratergy

Pricing of the product is an essential aspect as your service/product must appeal to the intended audience i.e if you are targeting the audience with the higher social class who can spend with un-frugality then these will not be more concerned about the price of your product compared to the demographic mass which is cost-sensitive and budget are cautious. Various marketing mediums are known by the term PORT ( Print, Outdoor, Radio, Television). The concept of ATL (Above line advertisement) and BTL (Below the line advertisement) come into play.

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ATL means, advertisement done on the basis of billboards, TV, etc. whereas BTL consists of banners, pamphlets, etc. The most important aspect of marketing is SPOST (Situation analysis, problem identifying, objective determination, strategy planning, tack-ticks needed. Now SPO can be subjective to the organization or to the practical scenario but the strategy is further termed into DSTP (Differentiation, Segmentation, targeting, positioning)


The Marketing Icberg

Now segmentation can be based on demography, geography, psychology,
psychography, etc. The demographic study consists of the study of AGEIO (Age, Gender, Education, Income, Occupation), in order to compete with existing brands and competitors the demographic study of your targeted audience is crucial. Also, a psychographic study involving VALS( Value, Attitude, Lifestyle) proves to be a game-changer when in intense competition. Situation analysis when in picture involves competitor analysis, competency analysis, consumer analysis, macro-socio-economical analysis.

So basically digital marketing is a very vast and intense topic that cannot be justified by saying as social media marketing, which is termed by the majority of people. So we can say it is just like an iceberg which when seen above sea level it looks small but hidden until discovered completely.

Contributed By : Adwait Raut

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