Framework for Outcome-Based Academic Research

Framework for Outcome-Based Academic Research Supported by K.S.A. for Higher level of attainment.

Today lets talk about Outcome based Education. Outcome based education is a focused approach for academic delivery. However, from last few years we have seen successful implementations of OBE frame work in many organizations. Hence, by taking that as a reference, a new and efficient frame work is designed for strengthening research component in different academic organizations.

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It has been observed that in academic institutes, faculties concentrate more on the teaching learning process. We must handle the Research activity seperately. Such approaches restricts the attainment of research outcomes like Quality Publications, Grants, IPR and Consultancy.

The Efficient Way

The suggested framework tries to twin Academics and Research with different cognitive levels and try to address different research outcomes. However, such approach also gives insight for Knowledge, Skill and Attitude –KSA development of students and suggests improvement at different levels.

Whenever faculty members are assign with subject, they need to divide topics and sub topics under the broad umbrella of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. Hence, after segregating all topics, the faculty will be able to find out the gap in the subject related to KSA. Next step is to design new research based enrichment activities for students to fill these identified gaps.

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A proper plan and its execution for such enrichment activity has to be implemented carefully. The plan of such activity shall take place at a higher cognitive level then theoretical topics.

The outcome of activity should focus on facilitating the faculty and students to achieve preset research goal of quality publication, grants, IPR or consultancy.

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