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Ganesha Movie for hildren, Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated all along with India, elders, youngsters, as well as children, celebrate. This festival is of love, enthusiasm, and pride. “Ganpati Bappa Moriya”, Mangal Murti Maurya”, these are quotes children always repeat. Every parent wish their children to know about our god. There are so many movies to show children, making them know the story of Ganesh Ji. However children will enjoy those cartoon characters, as well as understand it. Hence let’s look upon movies to show to your kids or siblings.

Bal Ganesh

Movie of cartoon characters, this movie shows how ganesh ji was born,how he was changed into an elephant face. Children will love to see this movie. I feel watching with parents will make them understand more. As children likes to question and your answers will make them more informative. However Look below the trailer.

Bal Ganesh 2

The second part Of Bal Ganesh has also released Bal Ganesha 2, realizing the first part needed more information. In the second part, the other half of the movie was explained. It showed cartoon characters with Ganesh Savari rat.Hence look the trailer below.

My Friend Ganesha

My Friend Ganesha is an awesome movie, not even children but it will be loved by elders too. Life of a family in Mumbai who brings Ganesha to their home and everything goes well. Trailer is Below

My Friend Ganesha 2

This movie is about a small boy whose parents are working. Sometimes he feels really alone, also his parents fight a lot. Seeing this made him depressed. The maid which comes to their house tells her story of Ganesha and he feels Ganesha is with him all time. Hence Ganesha movie must watch


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