Gangster Vikas Dubey arrested in Ujjain

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Vikas Dubey arrested – Gangster Vikas Dubey, Kanpur Encounter mastermind was arrested in Ujjain today morning by Ujjain police. But it seemed to be a surrender rather than getting caught by police.

Vikas Dubey is the main culprit that police have identified in the Killing of 8 police officers in Kanpur. Last week Kanpur police went to Vikas Dubey’s residence to arrest him. Vikas was informed about the police priorly, due to which he was ready with weapons. In the fatal face-off, 8 police officers lost their life.

Vikas Dubey ran from the scenario, police were trying to trace down the culprit all over the state. Earlier his residence was destroyed and few people linked with the killing of 8 police officers where killed in the encounter.

Maybe this encounter made Vikas Dubey scared of his life. It seems, he planned everything, where he will surrender, people should be there to witness, media was available, everything points that this was a planned surrender.

The main question arises, even when borders are monitored all over India, due to COVID-19, even then how he escaped Uttar Pradesh and got into Madhya Pradesh, many questions are being asked and many signs came that even few police personals where involved in the leak of information. even police officers are arrested and many of people linked with Vikas Dubey are being questioned.

For now, Mp police will do all the paperwork to make a smooth transit of Vikas Dubey to UP where he was being found for the crime. Up police have left to Ujjain to take the custody of Vikas Dubey. Vikas Dubey has more than 100+ cases on his name. Now even time will tell, what charges he will face.

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