Gender Inequality By Neerul Sharma

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Gender Inequality is a concern in India with over 1.4 billion of population.

No democracy is a democracy when half of its people live in fear. Women constitutes for about 48.02% of India’s population, and if they are living in fear, do we really think we are under democracy. NO, we are not. They fear to go out late at nights, they fear to wear their favorite clothes, they fear to raise their voice, they fear to pursue their dreams.

We live in a country where more than lakh women disappear every year and nobody cares as they are made subject to human trafficking. Every 15 minutes a rape takes place, 106 rapes take place every day and out of them, 87% are not registered. 93% of the rapists are acquainted with the victims. Talking about the Acid attack cases, they have increased from 6.6 % to 9.7% in 2019. The literacy rate of women in India is 64.8%, while that of men is 82%. Poverty is the root cause of the low literacy rate in India. Also, many parents consider that their girls will not be staying with them forever and also, they need to arrange money for their dowry. 97% of the people ask for dowry and out of them, 87% of cases end in acquittal. This means that a dowry-related crime causes the death of a woman every 90 minutes. What we need is proper guidance proper education to fight back.

Domestic violence is at its peak in India. Men are reported being perpetrators of domestic violence with 22% reporting some form of physical domestic abuse, 17% sexual, 59% psychological, and 59.5% any form of domestic abuse. According to TRUST LAW, India is ranked as one of the worst countries for providing safety to women. Indian women themselves feel like a burden to be born here. 81% of women themselves feel that they would’ve been happier and more privileged if they took birth as a male child rather than a female one.

Indian women are neither happy nor safe. Its high time we take a few steps forward for their betterment that will eventually be leading to betterment of our society.

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