Ghostly arms – Galaxy NGC 4848

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Ghostly arms – Galaxy NGC 4848: NASA / ISA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a new photo of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 4848 with a new feature been called ‘Ghostly arms’.
A great feature of many galaxies is the mass of open arms that appear to protrude outside the center of the galaxy. “anomalous arms” mainly consist of areas of gas burning with shock stones from jet cells of the galaxy’s spinal cord. The jerseys extend 30 degrees relative to the galactic disk.

If someone puts the jets directly on the disk, they will be able to properly assemble the unwanted hands. Another prediction of this situation is that illegal weapons will gradually rise in the galaxy disk plane. NGC 4848 is approximately 336 billion miles north of Coma Berenices. The galaxy was discovered on April 21, 1865, by the German astronomer Heinrich Louis de Arrest. Also known as UGC 8082 and IRAS 12556 + 2830, it has a radius of approximately 150,000 light-years. NGC 4848 is a member of the coma group (also known as Abel 1656), a large structure of over a thousand galaxies bound together by gravity.

Not only do we see the inside of mysterious arms containing hundreds of thousands of small, bright, blue stars, but Hubble also embodies the weak tails of the outer arms of the wind. If you are in the northern hemisphere with a large telescope, you can see the ghostly form of this magnificent galaxy in the black galaxy of Coma Berenice.

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