Good Thoughts Of The Day – Is It Ok To Not Be Ok Sometimes?

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Good Thoughts Of The Day

Good Thoughts Of The Day: Read good motivational thoughts in English. Loneliness often need inspirational thoughts to overcome. We would like to share few lines with our viewers which may help them to Stay Motivated & Positive.

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Inspirational thoughts

Is it okay to not be okay sometimes?

I hope not being okay is not a crime

Endless day and sleepless night

Everyone has the battle to fight

We are stuck at normalizing it all

Simply putting it out as “life” this is what we call

We are busy suppressing it so bad

Like it was just no feelings, no emotions we had

We just wish to lock it all up

In a closet full of guilt, secrets that we just want to slurp.

We are forcing the normal upon us so badly

That every emotion every feeling we had was not true at all, sadly

We are just so busy switching it off (switch the emotions off)

Like all we had was just a common cold and cough

We just wanna get rid of all the feelings so quickly

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Just to end this melancholy, grief and heartbreaks

We are ready to give everything, like seriously whatever it takes.

But in this never-ending pain, grief, and suffering one thing we ignore is the fact

That life is not a happiness pact.

It’s just ok to not be okay sometime

Chill its not a crime

Embrace it, live it, love it

Give it some time to breathe and heal

It’s a scare to embrace, not to conceal

Oh baby just don’t be so harsh to yourself

Everything will be fine, just give it sometime

Just breathe, breathe, and breathe

Just take it all in

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Until the swirl of emotions calms down within

Andddddddddddddddd then just let it all out

Once and for all and then shout

“Oh baby it’s so much ok to not be alright

Life is sometimes gray and sometimes black and white

I know its really difficult to hold on and stand

But my little girl life is not a fairyland

you have had your share of weakness, now stand up and fight

oh baby its so much ok to not be alright”

get up get up, get up my little girl get up and fight

hold your weapon straight n tight

this time just strike it hard

with your best amour and the best guard

this time you’ll surely be better, better than yesterday

in the end just know, its your fight

it’s all okay even if u r wrong or right

until den just knows this ….

It’s okay to not be okay some times

not being okay is not a crime.

Contributed By Sakshi Singh

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