Got Arrested for making Fake SBI Branch in TamilNadu

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In TamilNadu three got arrested for making fake SBI Branch. They get to know about the duplicate branch. Therefore, when an SBI customer inquired about the newly opened branch with the manager of the existing branch in town.

Police have arrested all three for opening a fake SBI branch in Panruti in the Cuddalore district. According to police one was 19 years old, son of an SBI employee. To set up the branch a website was being created by them in the name of Panruti Bazaar Branch. The nineteen-year-old boy along with two other men named A Kumar, age 41, and M Munickam, age 52 made the branch in April in the mid lockdown. Assuming they will never get caught by anyone else.

Hence, a customer when enquired with the receipt of that branch with the original branch. They went on that fake branch and were shocked to see the same setup over there. They on the spot called the police and told them everything about it.

The 19-year-old boy’s father uses to work over there and he often uses to visit there. And learned about the functions of the bank. His father died three years ago and his mother was retired.

Hence, during a talk to them, they said they never wanted to cheat people. Thus, they just wanted to open up their own bank. Therefore, as seen there are no complaints from the customers about their money got lost, but a lot of transaction has been made from her mother’s and aunt’s account.

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