Government to allow Reopen of Schools with new Guidelines

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The government has decided to reopen schools under unlock 4. Schools were closed since March 20th due to COVID19 conditions. However now students will be able to go to school again. Hence students who are living in an area with no Corona positive patients will be allowed to go to school else others will be studying in online mode.

According to new guidlines government has stated that onle 50 students and 50 staff members will be allowed in school.Many stated have decided to reopen school’s. However many states are yet denying to reopen school. Hence lets see the status of every state about this decision.

Delhi– The Capital of India, Delhi has also denied the decision of reopening schools. Until now dates for reopening school is extended to 5th October. Hence every school needs to follow this.

Uttar Pradesh– Uttar Pradesh has not yet given proper order about reopening of schools. Since, goverment has decided that schools and college will be closed in september.

Bihar– In Bihar, it has said that from 21st September, 50% of the teachers will be allowed to go to school. Children can go to school for doubt session if they wish to. However for students schools and colleges are closed till 30th September.

Rajasthan– Schools are not to be open in this state too but children are said to go to school in their own risk.

Gujrat– Government has decided according to the circumstances schools will not open.

Guidelines After Reopen of Schools

Government has decided that schools which are out of containment zones will only be allowed to open. However, even students whose homes are out of containment zone areas will be allowed to come to school. Sanitizing school is mandatory. Specially schools which were made quarantine zones. Social Distancing needs to be followed by everyone in school. Masks are mandatory for students as well as teachers. On the entrance gate screening will be done for every person that comes in, also sanitizer will be provided to all. However online lectures will also be conducted for the students who are unable to come o school. Sharing of pen notebook any axcessories will be restricted.

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