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GRE, or the Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized test (since 1936), which is usually requested by universities in the U.S. Students take prior to enrolling to a Master’s degree and Some of the programs you might love to apply on but a weird sentence keeps popping up: “This program accepts GRE® scores”. Let’s see how to do GRE registration

Finding Masters in Business Administration, worldwide

Well, no… GRE calculates three very important parameters:

  1. Verbal reasoning
  2. Quantitative reasoning
  3. Analytical writing

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The two types of GRE :

  1. GRE General test
  2. GRE Subject test

Different methods of GRE Registration

  1. Online examination (computer based)
  2. Written examination (paper based)

What exactly makes the GRE Test stand out from all the rest and why it’s so important for a student.

It’s one of the most popular tests which Business Schools asks for their future MBA (Master of Business Administration) students.

Of course, you could apply to other Master’s degrees, taking a GRE Test. What also makes the GRE Exam stand out is the option to choose which grades you send the university after taking the GRE!

Hear us out:

After you take the test, highlight the great grades you acquired to some of the parameters, you can send those to the university. And, if you feel like you can do better, you can RETAKE THE TEST and that’s amazing because most other tests won’t even let you go back to some of the questions you already answered! It lets you re-answer all questions and retake the test.

What else can you ask for from a standardized test?

If the idea of studying an MBA got you excited, then be sure to check these universities out, where a GRE Test will definitely help you with being admitted:

How does the GRE test work?

GRE General Test will measure 3 parameters the most common when studying for a Business Master’s degree. Each one has its own rules for testing your skills. And these are:

  1. Verbal reasoning: where you get some incomplete data and you try to draw the lines and conclusions (basically figuring out if you’re a robot or not). These questions also focus on meaning, like if that’s what the author wanted to say. Or if it’s literal or figurative, if some points are major themes or simply details, and so on.
  2. Quantitative reasoning: maaaaath! Just math. Nothing deeper than math. Enjoy!
  3. Analytical writing: imagine you will need to defend an idea, and you will need to bring arguments, examples, and so on, but, instead of convincing people with wild hand gestures, you can only use the power of pen and paper.
    Test scores and prepare for the exam !!
    Although the scores will be available for 5 years, you need to take the actual test a few months before you wish to apply to your future degree. The thing is, it will take time to score your paper, and then some time to send the scores to your future university (don’t worry, GRE will send it for you, but they can’t manipulate the Postal Services).
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GRE Score Range

The scores will be given in 1-point increments, and the scores can be between:

For Verbal Reasoning between 130 and 170 and for Quantitative Reasoning is between 130 and 170 in addition to Analytical Writing: between 0 and 6 (but in half-point increments).
If you don’t answer any questions for a specific measure, the grade will be marked as NS (No Score) which means No Score.

So, if you want to be the best and get the scores you need, you should probably spend between 1 and 3 months studying (or over 100 hours)
But, going back to the matter at hand, let’s focus on figuring out what exactly makes the GRE Test stand out from all the rest and why it’s so important for a student.

It’s available in 160 countries and 1000 test centers. Its purpose is to provide admissions to masters and degree programs in various universities. Education Testing Service is the developer and the administrator.

Online examination being a computer-delivered test, is available continuously throughout the year.

For the countries where it’s only available on paper, you can take it only for 3 months: October, November, and February.

You should totally check before taking the test if you can take the test throughout the year or only during these 3 months!

And, if you’re wondering how much a GRE Test will cost you, know that it costs 205 USD(15,260.18 Indian Rupees), almost anywhere you take it. The exception is China, so, if you need to take it there, ask the official GRE testing location. ETS has no specific eligibility criteria for the GRE exam, anyone can register for the exam, irrespective of age.

How to do GRE registration for General Test

  1. Visit the ETS website
  2. Create your profile
  3. Fill up your personal information
  4. Set up your use name and the password
  5. Register for your appointment
  6. Select you GRE exam date and time (book GRE date)
  7. Verify your details
  8. Pay the GRE registration fees

Registering through your ETS account

  1. Log in to your account or create an account.
  2. On your My GRE account home page, select register/find test centers.
  3. Verify your email address and further then continue.
  4. To select your test appointment, confirm your time zone, or select a new one.

How to Register?

So, now that you know the most basics of the basics, good luck when you will ultimately take this test, and go wild while applying to your MBA.

GRE General Revised

GRE booking slots

There are no fixed dates for the GRE test as it is administered all year round. You can register for the computer-delivered GRE either online or via phone even you can decide to take the GRE in the designated test centers or GRE at home.
Check out Dates

GRE booking slots ETS

Pay your Fees and GRE Register and then Candidates would be then required to pay their ETS GRE Exam fee using an internationally accepted Debit/ Credit Card. Candidates who are looking to book an ETS GRE slot for 2021 are required to have a valid passport and a Debit/ Credit Card to pay a registration fee of US$ 213.

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